Forsman Brewing is really just me (Mark Forsman) crafting five gallons at a time in NYC. I love the process and have been brewing since early 2011. After a friend asked if I wanted to split the initial setup costs, I jumped in and began a hobby that has evolved into an important part of my life. The friend that split the costs eventually lost interest, but continues to reap the benefits of the monster he's created.

On average I spend 3 hours getting to and home from my local home brew store, Bitters & Esters for supplies. If I am ever carrying a keg or co2 canister, I get a lot of looks on the subway.

Most breweries (and home brewers for that matter) name each one of their beers following a similar theme. I am no different. Pulling from my background as an Art Director / Art School Graduate every finished beer has a name using a graphic design term. While no one really cares or notices—usually they are just enjoying the free beer—it's important to me for some damn reason.

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