Good Beers

I don't have much to say. I'm heading to homebrew con this week. Experiments and refining my saison recipe has finally paid off, and the current version is fucking perfect for the summer. The freezer cleaners pale ale isn't incredible, but it's easy drinking and a solid workhorse of a beer.

Thats it ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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I've never entered a beer in a competition. I only bring my homebrew to the club meetings if I feel like it's good enough to stand up against all of the other beers that will be there. I don't share growlers with friends unless I know i nailed it. I've had so much hesitation about sharing beer that it's held me back as a brewer.

I'm working on remedying this. First off, I'm entering two beers into the National Homebrew Competiton. Second off, I'm going to start regularly bringing growlers in to work on Fridays to share with co-workers. I've been bringing in bottles to help clear my cellar a little bit, which has helped expose people to good beer, and now it's time to let them try some of mine.

It's easy to share you first couple of batches, but after a few years (6 for me at this point), you start to expect that you should only share great beer. Breweries dump beer when it's not right, but they have so much more riding on it. My friends will just laugh and enjoy the free beer.

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Happy Holidays

I hope the beers are good and the family is better.

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Yeast Library

For around a year I've been harvesting my yeast from starters. I found the method through this post on Brulosophy . So far, it's been incredibly valuable in ways I didn't foresee. The method itself is simple, but what I found most interesting was the way that I approached the age old question of "what to brew next."

At first I was brewing with the same two yeasts I harvested first. But then when I decided to take a turn and try something new, it was easy to justify picking up a new yeast. I could bank it and use it in the future too. And when a seasonal yeast comes out, or an obscure strain is released from the white labs vault, I pick it up without hesitation. I'm not a thrifty person, but for some reason this technique has given me freedom in knowing that I spin up an old trusty or pickup something new and play with it over and over.

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50 gallons so far in 2016

Busy weekend of brewing. I kegged the first IPA experiment. Every other batch—until I have a good recipe or I'm tired of drinking them—will be iterating on this base recipe. Changing one or two variables each time, or throwing it all out and starting over. This first batch uses one of my favorite IPA yeasts Wyeast 1217, only available in the fall.

I've been overbuilding my starters and keeping a yeast bank going of strains that are hard to get or that I use frequently. I'll talk more about that soon. For now, take a look at just how active 1217 can be.

Bucket lid post fermentation.

Next up was brewing a petite saison, although it might not turn out to be quite as small as I'd hoped. My efficiency has been increasing as I work adjusting the water with each brew. Typically I'd get anywhere between 60-70%, but recently it's been more like 80-85%. I'm also experimenting with a new yeast strain from the White Labs Yeast Vault, WLP564 Leeuwenhoek Saison Blend. I have it in the bank now, so if it's stellar I'll be sure to see what else it can do.

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New Venture

I started making a few little prints and had some enamel pins made. Check out all of the products over here: Mischief Studio

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