50 gallons so far in 2016

Busy weekend of brewing. I kegged the first IPA experiment. Every other batch—until I have a good recipe or I'm tired of drinking them—will be iterating on this base recipe. Changing one or two variables each time, or throwing it all out and starting over. This first batch uses one of my favorite IPA yeasts Wyeast 1217, only available in the fall.

I've been overbuilding my starters and keeping a yeast bank going of strains that are hard to get or that I use frequently. I'll talk more about that soon. For now, take a look at just how active 1217 can be.

Bucket lid post fermentation.

Next up was brewing a petite saison, although it might not turn out to be quite as small as I'd hoped. My efficiency has been increasing as I work adjusting the water with each brew. Typically I'd get anywhere between 60-70%, but recently it's been more like 80-85%. I'm also experimenting with a new yeast strain from the White Labs Yeast Vault, WLP564 Leeuwenhoek Saison Blend. I have it in the bank now, so if it's stellar I'll be sure to see what else it can do.

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