Homebrew & Bottles

Basic tutorial for drinking homebrew from bottles.

  • Put the bottle upright in the fridge for 24-72 hours (the longer the better)
  • When handling the bottle after this point, unless you are pouring, avoid tipping the bottle too much.
  • Open bottle, pour gently into a clean glass
  • If the bottle is 12oz, leave approx .5" - .75" left in the bottom of the bottle.
  • If the bottle is 22oz (bigger than a normal bottle), enjoy the first glass. While pouring the second glass leave approx .75" - 1" of beer in the bottle.

What should be left after a pour This is around what should be left in a bottle after a pour.

The explanation:

I wish that this wasn't as big of a problem as it is, and there are steps I could take to prevent it, but as it stands now, naturally carbonating bottles is the easiest way to put my beer in sharable containers.

When the beer goes in to bottles, it's not carbonated. I add a small amount of sugar to the full batch immediately before it goes into bottles. The yeast that turned the sugar water into flat beer get back to work and produce the co2 that will be used to carbonate the beer over the course of a few weeks.

Yeast is a living single-cell organism that duplicates over and over as they convert the sugar into alcohol (co2 is a byproduct of this process). When you put the bottle in the fridge for the recommended 24-72 hours you will see a thin layer of shit in the bottom of the bottle. This is the yeast. While it's completely safe to drink, a crystal clear beer—for some reason—always tastes better. I think it's a mental thing. Either way, I like clear beer usually.

The longer you leave it in the fridge, the clearer the first pour will be. The yeast cells slowly fall out of the beer while being chilled, at around 1 day the beer will clear significantly. After 1 day and beyond, the beer will become clearer and clearer until you can't notice any changes.

Clarity Over Time Beer clarity over time / Yeast Dropping Out.

Rinse the rest of the beer out of the empty bottle and crack open another! Hopefully this explains why my beer comes with a set of direction on… how to drink beer.

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